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EPA PR Notice 2011-1: Residential Exposure Joint Venture Data Users (January 2011)

PR Notice 2011-1 is advising pesticide registrants of the Residential Exposure Joint Venture (REJV) and its development of residential consumer use/usage data for pesticides which help form the basis for exposure assessment.

The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) requires EPA to consider available information concerning dietary and non-dietary exposure when assessing a pesticide’s risk. The evaluation of pesticide exposure around residential areas poses unique challenges due to varying human behavior and product application situations. Residential exposure to pesticides may involve multiple sources and exposure pathways include treated lawns or indoor sources. There are also multiple routes of exposure, which include dermal exposure through contact and oral ingestion through the mouthing behaviors of children.

An important part of EPA’s regulatory process is having information to determine how a pesticide is used in household settings and its ability to characterize exposures associated with that use. The Residential Exposure Joint Venture (REJV) collects, organizes and analyzes label and use information for pesticide products used in and around the home. REJV created a survey for consumers, with an objective to develop a comprehensive database of residential use and exposure data on consumer pesticides to provide EPA with “real world” use information for assessments. Survey objectives include:

▲ Providing key label related information such as registration number, formulation type, % active ingredient, application method and rate, area treated,
use instructions and precautionary statements that can be referenced with:
▲ Survey-based use information such as EPA registration number, product name, application method, date of application, frequency and timing of use, and
site of application

EPA considers relevant, available use information to inform its non-dietary exposure assessments as part of a registration application or amendment, as well as in the re-registration and registration review process. The development of consumer household product use and usage information by REJV has provided EPA with a more accurate basis for assessing these exposures in some instances and the Agency expects to have a continuing need for such information. For that reason, EPA expects that it will require submission or citation of such data in connection with upcoming registration reviews and other regulatory actions.

Any pesticide registrant or applicant who believes they may need to satisfy these data requirements may wish to consider participation in the REJV. When EPA imposes requirements to submit or cite product use/usage data, the registrant or applicant electing to rely on REJV data must, at the appropriate time, inform the Agency of its election and provide evidence of its membership in the REJV or certify that it has offered to compensate the REJV for reliance on their data.

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