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EPA PR Notice 2007-4: Pesticide Registration (Updated 10/8/2010)

EPA’s Pesticide Registration Notice 2007-4 is a new labeling revision for pesticide products that applies to “pesticide management and disposal; standards for pesticide containers and containment.” It requires that any pesticide product released for shipment by a registrant after August 16, 2010, must bear a label that complies with the new container-related requirements in 40CFR156.140 – 40 CFR156.156.

This new labeling regulation affects manufacturers, producers, formulators and registrants of pesticide products and applies to all pesticide products except plant-incorporated protectants. The new label regulation also affects supplemental distributors, who must use revised labels after the August 16, 2010 deadline.

UPDATE (10/08/2010): In a Federal Register Notice, EPA announced a final rule to extend compliance date for pesticide storage and disposal label statements to August 16, 2011. This action finalizes the June 15, 2010 proposed rule (see above) to extend the compliance date to August 16, 2011. While EPA estimates that the majority of label changes have already been submitted and approved, there may be thousands of labels that still need to be submitted and reviewed.

UPDATE (6/15/2010):
EPA will be extending the compliance deadline for label language on container recycling by one year, to August 16, 2011. However, EPA strongly encourages that all manufacturers, producers, formulators and registrants submit label updates by August 16, 2010 to receive priority processing from EPA. Label changes submitted after August 16, 2010 will be processed on a non-priority basis, and only after all label changes submitted prior to that date have been processed.

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