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Oregon’s Proposed New Pesticide General Permit Delayed (June 2011)

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), which proposed to issue a new National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Pesticide General Permit, has delayed its decision after the EPA granted an extension to the original April 9 deadline.

The DEQ is developing the permit, along with the Irrigation District General Permit, in response to a 6th Circuit court decision that required the EPA to develop permits for certain pesticide applications in, over and near water. On March 31, the court granted an extension, ruling that permits for pesticide applications will not be required until Oct. 31.

The public comment period for the permit ended March 7.

The NPDES permit is required under the U.S. Clean Water Act to protecting water quality. According to the DES, this permit may affect pesticide application holders if they apply pesticides for:

▲ Mosquito and other flying insect pest control. 
▲ Weed and algae control ­-- invasive or other nuisance weeds, algae and pathogens in water and at the water’s edge.
▲ Nuisance animal control -- invasive or other nuisance animals and pathogens in water and at the water’s edge. 
▲ Forest canopy pest control.
▲ Area wide pest control -- using aerial pesticide application to cover a large area to avoid substantial and widespread economic and social impact, when,
to target pests effectively, a portion of the pesticide unavoidably will be applied over and deposited in water.

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