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Proposed Rule to Amend TSCA Inventory Update Reporting (August 2010)

The IUR rule requires manufacturers (including importers) of certain chemical substances listed on the TSCA Inventory of Chemical Substances to report information about the manufacturing, processing and use of those chemical substances. EPA is proposing to amend the reporting requirements of the IUR rule to require manufacturers (including importers) to submit information electronically and on a more frequent basis, and to limit the information that can be treated confidential so that the public has more access to it.

Proposed changes include:

▲Requiring electronic reporting, using an EPA issued, web-based software (e-IURweb) to submit reports through the EPA’s Central
    Data Exchange (CDX)
▲Changing the reporting frequency from every 5 years to every 4 years
▲Requiring increased detail and/or modify data elements for reported manufacturing, processing and use data
▲Requiring reporting of production volume for each of the years since the last principal reporting year
▲Eliminating the 300,000 lb. threshold for processing and use information, requiring all reports of non-excluded substances to report
    information in all parts of the IUR form U
▲Eliminating the 25,000 lb. threshold for certain substances that are the subject of particular TSCA rules/orders and to require
    manufacturers (including importers) of such chemical to report under the IUR rule, regardless of the production volume
▲Making chemical substances for which an enforceable consent agreement (ECA) to conduct testing has been made under 40 CFR
    Part 790 ineligible for exemptions, provides a full exemption from IUR requirement for water, and removes polymers that are already
    fully exempt from the partially exempt list of substances
▲Requiring upfront substantiation when processing and use information is claimed as confidential business information (CBI)

After publication of the rule on August 13, 2010 in the Federal Register, the comment period will be available until October 13, 2010, which EPA will use to develop the final rule and guidance documents. EPA expects to finalize the modifications to the chemical information reporting rule in time for the next reporting period, scheduled for June 1 - Sept.30, 2011. EPA will make the electronic reporting software and associated guidance materials available before the start of the submission period.

To view the full “TSCA Inventory Update Reporting Modifications; Proposed Rule,” click

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