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EPA Extends Deadline for Label Changes on Total Release Fogger Products
(July 2011)

EPA extended the deadline for required improvements on TRF product labels to increase product safety and information.

EPA has extended the deadline for label changes on shipments of indoor total release fogger (TRF) products from September 30, 2011 until September 30, 2012. The label amendments are meant to address concerns over adverse incidents involving TRFs, and will require improved label language and instructions.  All revised TRF labels must be submitted to the appropriate Product Manager in the Registration Division by September 30, 2011, and if pre-approved pictograms are used, EPA expects to complete its review by December 31, 2011. After September 30, 2012, all TRF and distributor products, distributed or sold by the registrant, will have to be labeled according to the new requirements.  If a TRF registrant fails to comply with the new labeling standards by the deadline, EPA will take necessary action to make sure that all TRF products comply with FIFRA.

For products containing pyrethrins, tetramethrin, piperonyl butoxide (PBO), resmethrin, permethrin, MGK-264, d-phenothrin, cypermethrin, and the allethrin stereoisomers, registrants must submit amended labels to the appropriate Product Manager in the Registration Division, and indicate in their cover letter that they are submitting the revised labels in response to the Agency letter dated July 6, 2011. However, the new labeling requirements do not apply to products that were previously labeled for use against bed bugs.

TRFs that do not contain the listed ingredients are required to submit revised labeling to the Registration Division containing the changes specified in EPA’s March 23, 2010 letter by September 30, 2011. Another option is to explain to EPA before September 30, 2011, why existing or alternative labeling is adequate.

Several pictograms that were submitted by CSPA and RISE have been pre-approved by EPA to use on TRF labels; all registrants are welcome to use the pictograms available on the Agency’s website. When submitting the amended label with a pre-approved pictogram, the registrant should include a reference to only one pictogram from each of the necessary categories.

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