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EPA’s Design for the Environment Posts the Safer Chemical Ingredients List
(September 2012)

EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE) program posted the DfE Safer Chemical Ingredients List, which is available directly at http://www.epa.gov/dfe/saferingredients.htm. The Safer Chemical Ingredients List is composed of chemicals that have earned the DfE label. This “best-in-class” list helps manufacturers and stakeholders easily identify chemicals that the DfE has evaluated and identified as safer. It is considered a “living list” because it will be periodically updated to include new chemicals that have been reviewed by DfE and show new data innovations in safer chemistry.

The chemicals on the Safer Chemical Ingredients List are identified by their common name and CAS number. Each chemical will have a geometric color symbol associated with it to help identify a chemical’s hazard status. However, the list is only comprised of chemicals that have been voluntarily submitted for evaluation, so there may be other chemicals not included that are safer as well. Please note that products containing chemicals on the list cannot automatically use the DfE logo. Only manufacturers whose products undergo formal DfE review, meet both ingredient and product-level DfE requirements, and are in partnership agreements with EPA, can use the DfE logo on their products. The Safer Chemical Ingredients List also complements the CleanGredients database, which continues to serve as a marketplace for chemicals that are acceptable for use in DfE-labeled products.

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