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CSPA & TSGE Offer Webinar on Marketing Biocidal Products in the EU
(April 13, 2011)

CSPA , in conjunction with TSGE, is pleased to announce its latest internationally oriented webinar “Increasing Opportunities for Marketing Biocidal Products in the European Union – A Regulatory Perspective.”

The webinar will be held April 13, 2011, 10:00 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

To date, significant financial and regulatory hurdles In the European Union (EU) have led some companies to either cease or limit their businesses in manufacturing, formulating and/or exporting biocidal products to the EU.  However, new business opportunities will arise based on the progression of the biocidal product review program and expected change in the legislation. 

Your company must be able to identify these opportunities and be prepared to act on them.  This webinar will provide you with the information you need.

The webinar will cover:

▲ Process to authorize biocidal products in current European system
▲ Interpreting, based on hard experience, the information issued by the authorities on product approvals for a range of product types (in the EU,
biocidal products cover a broad array, including wood preservatives, rodenticides, non-crop insecticides, repellents, slimicides and disinfectants)
▲ Insight into the non-uniformity of product registration procedures across selected EU Member States
▲ Emerging business opportunities as the review program progresses and as expected changes occur with the arrival of a new  biocidal product regulation

The webinar will be conducted by the regulatory and scientific consulting firm TSGE. TSGE’s consultants are highly experienced in registering biocides on behalf of companies within and outside the EU. Staff participants are:

▲ Andrew Goodyear, TSGE (United Kingdom)
▲ Hermann Wilhelmy, TSGE Deutschland (Germany)
▲ Maria Fernandez, TSGE Iberia (Spain)
▲ Bojana Zgonec, TSGE Slovenia (Slovenia)

For more information, please Contact TSG.

About TSG
Technology Sciences Group Inc. (TSG) provides state, federal and international expertise on a wide range of scientific and regulatory issues. With experts in regulatory affairs, chemistry, toxicology, ecotoxicology, residue and metabolism, environmental fate, efficacy and risk assessment, TSG provides services in support of the registration, compliance and defense of chemically related products. Our clients include chemical, pesticide, consumer product, food, personal care and animal health companies, as well as industry groups, trade associations and law firms.
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