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MOH of China Circular for Food Packaging Material Cleanup (Updated 5/25/2010)

Ministry of Health (MOH), China has recently published a Circular on Food Packaging Material Cleanup. In this Circular, the MOH decided to implement food packaging material cleanup work, with the following key points:

▲ Relevant government departments will lead industries in implementing the “Food Safety Regulation” and punish any act of using poisonous and hazard
material, especially the illegal use of abandoned and worn out material to produce food package and vessel, etc.

▲ Government will instruct industries to follow “The Current Standard List of the Effective Food Packing Material”, voluntarily correct problems during the
process of manufacturing and use, and register food packing materials that are considered safe but have not been listed in China’s standard food packing

▲ To register food packing materials, applicants should submit applications for the “Recommended Authorized New Material List as Food Packing Material”.

▲ For materials that are believed to be toxic or harmful to human, the following form “Recommended List of Prohibited Material as Food Packing Material”
should be submitted.

The China Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Nutrition and Food Safety Institute under CDC are responsible for receiving and archiving data submitted for Cleanup. The deadline for submission of data to be included in “Recommended New List of Materials to be Approved as Food Packing Material” is June 1, 2010. All business enterprises that manufacture, use or sell food containers, food packing materials as well as food producing equipment may file application. Data included in application should be provided in Chinese, or for foreign applicants an abstract in Chinese will be required.

Materials included in the request for registration: food containers, packing materials, equipment, and monomers, chemical additives and resins used in packing materials that have been manufactured, sold and used in China, or have been approved in other countries and without safety concerns. TSG can assist companies by providing details for information included in the new regulation, preparing applications and data abstracts in Chinese, and communicating with relevant government personnel in China’s MOH.

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