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Overview of DPR’s Policy and Procedural Changes and Other Items of Interest in 2012
(January 2013)

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) compiled a list of changes to registration policy and procedure along with other items of interest from January through December of 2012. An overview of these changes is described below. Additional information on California Notices and other items can be found on the DPR website at www.cdpr.ca.gov.


DPR staff is under one-day a month self-directed personal leave day.

Evaluation for Impacts to California Surface Waters
In February 2012, DPR released California Notice 2012-2 providing guidelines on the types of pesticide products that will be routed to DPR’s Environmental Monitoring Branch (EM) and the manner in which EM will evaluate the potential adverse impact of these products on surface waters in California. The screening is conducted based on chemical properties of active ingredients in the product. The objective is to classify pesticide products as (1) unlikely to cause a surface water quality problem, concluding the evaluation, or (2) the product may potentially produce adverse effects and requires additional testing. Phase I and Phase II evaluations will be performed for products requiring additional testing. DPR may also deny registration.

Cleaning Products Policy
In March 2012, DPR issued California Notice 2012-2 describing the difference between a cleaning product claim and a pesticidal claim. Products containing pesticidal claims require registration with DPR and EPA, whereas products with “cleaning” claims do not. If a product label claims to control or prevent “mold stains,” “mildew stains,” “algae stains,” or stains from other organisms, it is considered a pesticide. Products with labels that claim to clean, eliminate, and/or remove “mold stains,” “mildew stains,” “algae stains” and other stains from non-public health organisms are now asserted as cleaning products.

Launch of Section 18 Emergency Exemption Database
DPR issued California Notice 2012-4 on March 20, 2012, announcing the launch of a new, easy-to-use, web-based database allowing stakeholders to access information on section 18 issued in California.

Existing Stocks Policy
On October 17, 2012, DPR issued California Notice 2012-12 to clarify its existing stock policy. The policy states that registrants may continue to sell and distribute an EPA registered pesticide bearing a previously DPR-approved version of an amended product label in California, only if the sale is consistent with EPA provisions. As a result of an audit or investigation, if DPR discovers that a registrant has sold an EPA registered product with a previously DPR-approved label when there is a new amended label for the same product on file with DPR, the registrant must be prepared to document that such sale was made within the allowable period to avoid potential liability for a misbranded sale.

Soliciting Feedback on a New Proposed Stakeholders Manual
DPR issued California Notice 2012-13 on October 19, 2012, soliciting comments on the development of a draft stakeholder’s manual: “A Guide for Pesticide Registrants.” The manual includes references to California’s data requirements, study protocols and standards in hopes of providing stakeholders with step-by-step instructions for registering, amending and renewing different pesticide products in California.

DPR Social Media
In November 2012, DPR announced expansion into social media through California Notice 2012-15.  DPR aims to provide information on reports, photographs, videos, news items and event details through YouTube and Twitter at www.youtube.com/user/CaliforniaPesticides and www.twitter.com/CA_Pesticides.

Reevalutation of Certain Active Ingredients
California Food and Agriculture Code (FAC) section 12824 requires DPR to continually reevaluate registered pesticide products to ensure they do not cause unacceptable risks to human health and the environment. Currently, the following ingredients are under reevaluation: copper based antifouling paints, brodifacoum, chloropicrin, chlorpyrifos, cyfluthrin, diazinon, certain neonicotinoids, pyrethroids, volatile organic compounds (VOC) reformulation and sulfuryl fluoride.

New Active Ingredients Registered in 2012
DPR registered 17 new active ingredients.

Late Renewals/Reinstatement of Previously Registered Products
DPR will accept late renewals and request for reinstatement of pesticide products only until December 31st of the current renewal year. A request for late renewals or reinstatement must be accompanied by a $750 renewal fee and a $150 late fee for each product. After one year, a registrant can no longer renew or reinstate a product registration; instead, the product must be registered again by an application for registration along with necessary registration fees.

EPA Data Evaluation Reports (DER) submissions to DPR
Applicants are encouraged to submit EPA Data Evaluation Reports when applying for product registration or amendments which require scientific data.

Electronic Label Pilot Project
In July 2009, DPR began an ongoing national Accepted Label State Tracking and Repository (ALSTAR) project taking place under National Pesticide Information Retrieval System (NPIRS). Later, in April 2012, DPR began accepting new product labels and label amendments from pilot companies in electronic format through ALSTAR. Currently there are over 800 California stamped acceptable labels that reside on NPIRS and can be found at http://state.ceris.purdue.edu.

Information Available on DPR Web site: www.cdpr.ca.gov.

DPR’s website contains a wide range of information which is updated on a regular basis. The “Registration” tab provides access to a list of products entering the scientific evaluation process, proposed and final registration actions, press releases, California Notice to registrants, proposed regulations and more. Additionally, DPR’s library of pesticide data includes more than 81,900 volumes of data with more than 222,000 studies.

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