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California Notice 2012-08: Notice to Initiate Risk Assessment Process for the Active Ingredient Linuron (August 2012)

The Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) has initiated the risk assessment process for registered pesticide products containing the active ingredient linuron, through California Notice 2012-08. DPR has identified the active ingredient linuron as having potential adverse health effects, which is the basis of the review. DPR is required by the Food and Agricultural Code (FAC) to review the toxicology database of all registered pesticide active ingredients and assess dietary risks associated with pesticide usage. Additionally, DPR is required to eradicate the use of any pesticide that threatens the agricultural or nonagricultural environment in California.
Through the risk assessment process, DPR will evaluate the significance of adverse effects to human health due to exposure to linuron. If DPR decides that linuron does have substantial adverse effects to human health due to its use or specific uses as an active ingredient in pesticide products, then action needs to be taken to alleviate these effects. To view the current studies DPR has on file, please visit the DPR website at http://apps.cdpr.ca.gov/ereglib/main.cfm. You may also submit any additional data or information you believe is relevant to this risk assessment to DPR. Please address any submissions to:

Risk Assessment - (Linuron)
Attn: Ann Hanger
Pesticide Registration Branch
Department of Pesticide Regulation
1001 I Street, P.O. Box 4015
Sacramento, CA 95812-4015

For more information, please Contact TSG.
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