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California Notice: 2012-07: Final Decision on Reevaluation of Certain Field Fumigant Pesticide Products
(July 2012)

The Director of the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) initiated a reevaluation on January 2008 (California Notice 2008-01), of certain field soil fumigant products containing one or more of the following active ingredients: methyl bromide, 1,3-dichloropropene, chloropicrin, metam-sodium, metam-potassium, dazomet and sodium tetrathiocarbonate. Reevaluation is based on concern over release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere from these products. Fumigants are among the highest pesticide VOC contributors due to their high levels of use and emission potential. DPR put regulations in place that are designed to keep VOC emission below a target level and reduce emissions from certain field fumigants containing the active ingredients mentioned above.

The U.S. Clean Air Act (CAA) requires states to submit state implementation plans (SIPs) for enforcing national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS) for air pollutants in each air quality control region of California. Regions that do not meet the NAAQS for a given pollutant are designated as federal non-attainment areas (NAA). DPR is devoted to limiting the VOC emissions from pesticide products for five NAAs. As of June 2012, the reevaluation included 62 products and 12 registrants. Currently, DPR has determined there is sufficient flux monitoring data for most soil fumigant application methods used in California and is acting to verify the computer model used to determine the need for additional flux data and new fumigant applications. DPR has also established that the fumigant regulations mentioned above are adequate to meet VOC non-attainment goals and comply with SIP.

Therefore, DPR has determined that reevaluation has provided sufficient data to enforce the regulations that reduce VOC emission from field fumigants for the five NAAs, and no additional information is needed. Consequently, reevaluation is now concluded.

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