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EPA Advances Cleanup at 15 Hazardous Waste Sites, and 11 Sites Proposed For Action
(September 2011)

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has added 15 hazardous waste sites to the National Priorities List (NPL) of Superfund sites because they are believed to pose risks to people’s health and to the surrounding environment. Superfund is the federal program that aims to protect both people and the environment by investigating and cleaning up uncontrolled, complex, or abandoned waste sites. EPA is also proposing 11 additional sites to be added the Superfund list that it believes to be hazardous.

So far, 1,652 sites have been listed on the NPL, and of these sites, 350 have undergone cleanup. Sixty-two proposed sites, including the 11 announced today are currently awaiting the agency’s final decision.

For all sites appearing on the NPL, EPA’s goal is to identify individuals or companies responsible for the contamination of the site, and hold them financially accountable for the site’s cleanup. If EPA cannot determine who the responsible parties are, it will investigate the full extent of the contamination before starting significant cleanup efforts at the site. As a consequence, it may take several years before funding is obtained for the cleanup.

The following 15 sites have been added to the National Priorities List:
    ▲ Blue Ledge Mine (abandoned mine) in Rogue River – Siskiyou National Forest, Calif.;
    ▲ New Idria Mercury Mine (abandoned mercury mine) in Idria, Calif.;
    ▲ Armstrong World Industries (ceiling tile manufacturer) in Macon, Ga.;
    ▲ Sandoval Zinc Company (former zinc smelter) in Sandoval, Ill.;
    ▲ Gary Development Landfill (former landfill) in Gary, Ind.;
    ▲ Kerr-McGee Chemical Corp – Columbus (former pressure –treated railroad products manufacturer) in Columbus, Miss.;
    ▲ Red Panther Chemical Company (former pesticides formulation plant) in Clarksdale, Miss.;
    ▲ Horton Iron and Metal (former fertilizer manufacturer and metal salvage) in Wilmington, N.C.;
    ▲ Garfield Ground Water Contamination (contaminated ground water plume) in Garfield, N.J.;
    ▲ Chevron Questa Mine (molybdenum mine) in Questa, N.M.;
    ▲ New Cassel/Hicksville Ground Water Contamination (contaminated ground water plume) in Hicksville, Hempstead, and North Hempstead, N.Y.;
    ▲ North Ridge Estates (former WWII medical facility) in Klamath Falls, Ore.;
    ▲ US Finishing/Cone Mills (former textile operation) in Greenville, S.C.;
    ▲ Alamo Contaminated Ground Water (contaminated ground water plume) in Alamo, Tenn.; and
    ▲ Falcon Refinery (inactive refinery) in Ingleside, Texas.

The following sites are the newly proposed 11 locations to be placed on the National Priorities List
    ▲ Jervis B. Webb Co. (former manufacturer) in South Gate, Calif.;
    ▲ Seam Master Industries (adhesive manufacturer) in South Gate, Calif.;
    ▲ Continental Cleaners (former dry cleaners) in Miami, Fla.;
    ▲ Leeds Metal (former scrap metal facility) in Leeds, Maine;
    ▲ Compass Plaza Well TCE (contaminated ground water plume) in Rogersville, Mo.;
    ▲ Eighteen mile Creek (contaminated creek) in Niagra County, N.Y.;
    ▲ Southeastern Wood Preserving (former wood treating operation) in Canton, Miss.;
    ▲ Metro Container Corporation (former drum recycler) in Trainer, Pa.;
    ▲ Corozal Well (contaminated ground water plume) in Corozal, Puerto Rico;
    ▲ US Oil Recovery (used oil recovery facility) in Pasadena, Texas; and
    ▲ Bremerton Gasworks (former gasworks facility) in Bremerton, Wash.

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