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global network Founded in 1990, Technology Sciences Group Inc., TSG, is a U.S.-based consulting firm that provides state, federal and international expertise on a wide range of scientific and regulatory issues. With experts in regulatory affairs, toxicology, ecotoxicology, residue and metabolism, environmental fate, efficacy and risk assessment, TSG supports the registration, compliance and defense of chemically related products. Our clients include chemical, pesticide, consumer product, food, personal care and animal health companies, as well as industry groups, trade associations and law firms.

The TSG Advantage

TSG takes pride in the high-quality services that we offer, and our focus on client needs. No matter how complex a project, TSG provides clients with the support necessary to accomplish their goals. TSG offers unique capabilities in:

Agency Access – TSG’s regulatory and scientific experts are well networked with key regulators at the state, federal and international levels. Our experts’ intimate knowledge of the regulatory and political systems and strong working relationships with regulatory authorities provides an unparalleled level of advocacy, support and project insight.

Subject Matter Expertise – TSG understands the importance of having the necessary regulatory, technical and scientific expertise to successfully complete projects. However, we also know that there is an even greater value placed on understanding how to combine this expertise to meet a client’s end goal. Our ability to develop successful registration and compliance strategies based on a well-coordinated evaluation of the regulatory, technical and scientific issues involved in a particular project is a distinct advantage for our clients.

Insight – Regardless of the seeming simplicity or complexity of a particular project, TSG does not take any task at face value. Our experts possess the insight necessary to determine the business challenges that our clients face, the context in which a problem must be resolved, and the optimal strategy to achieve current and future business objectives.

Our Commitment

TSG is committed to providing our clients with high-quality services that offer the best outcome possible on any project. We are committed to understanding our clients’ goals and objectives, the scientific and technical aspects of the issue or product, and the regulatory issues involved so that we can plan a strategic path forward and take a collaborative approach with our clients. TSG is deadline-focused, responsive and accurate. We are committed to professionalism and have the utmost respect for the confidentiality of our work with clients.

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