Dr. Luminita "Lumy" Velea has more than 10 years of experience in chemistry pertaining to study design and monitoring, research and development in analytical chemistry, and GMP and GLP compliance. She has extensive knowledge of residue testing and analysis for pesticides and other FIFRA-regulated products, with particular expertise in developing and implementing operations for analyzing pesticide and other chemical compounds on agricultural commodities and products.

Dr. Velea has substantial experience with on-site reviews, including audits of technical data, reviews of instrumental and analytical fields, and assurance that analytical work and testing protocols are in compliance with GMP, GLP and other regulatory standards. In addition, Dr. Velea has extensive experience conducting pesticide residue testing programs, routinely providing scientific analysis and reviewing testing procedures to ensure Agency program compliance. She also has significant knowledge regarding the thermodynamics of anti-cancer drugs and their interactions with DNA.

Prior to Technology Sciences Group Inc. (TSG), Dr. Velea was an Interdisciplinary Physical Scientist/Chemist at USDA/AMS Science and Technology Branch, where she conducted residue testing and analysis, audits and onsite review. She also acted as Agency liaison with officials of designated States’ programs to oversee program compliance for sample collection, shipment, preparation, analysis, data storage and retrieval, and analysis review for residue testing.

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