Ms. Erin Tesch has over 20 years of experience providing regulatory guidance and compliance assistance on a broad spectrum of environmental topics. She has been involved in a significant number of pesticide policy issues over the years, both individually and as a participant, in several industry coalitions.

Ms. Tesch specializes in the area of antimicrobial registration with a strong emphasis on material preservatives, hard surface sanitizers, disinfectants and other novel products with significant public health claims. Ms. Tesch manages the Silver Task Force North America and is an active member of the U.S. Consumer Specialty Products Association and American Chemistry Council Biocide Panel. Through her regulatory work and industry participation, Ms. Tesch has developed strong working relationships with U.S. EPA and Canada’s PMRA, and she is in daily contact with staff and management of the Antimicrobial Division. Ms. Tesch works with regulators to negotiate data requirements and label claims, conducts literature surveys, coordinates testing activities, prepares complete registration packages and provides effective follow-up to ensure successful registration. Ms. Tesch also assists clients in developing and presenting training programs to bring pesticide registration and compliance functions in-house. Ms. Tesch’s extensive knowledge of the regulatory process and strong working relationships with regulatory agencies allows her to provide an unparalleled level of registration services and regulatory support to her clients.

Prior to joining Technology Sciences Group Inc. (TSG), Ms. Tesch was Project Manager and Senior Analyst at Dames & Moore’s Environmental Regulatory Services Group, where she provided compliance assistance and regulatory research and analysis for complex programs under TSCA, RCRA, CERCLA, CAA and CWA. Ms. Tesch monitored and analyzed federal, state and international environmental policies, laws and regulations, in addition to preparing monthly corporate newsletters on environmental activities occurring within the U.S., Latin America and Europe. She was also a Regulatory Analyst at RegNet Environmental Services, where she served as Operations Manager for several chemical consortia and conducted pesticide registration activities.

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