Mr. Jacob Moore specializes in new product registration and product support with an emphasis on biochemical, microbial, and conventional pesticide products. He develops regulatory strategies and facilitates registrations helping clients achieve their regulatory goals. Formerly with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Mr. Moore provides unique insight into the federal registration process that will lead to successful and timely registrations.

While at the US EPA, Mr. Moore served on the Biochemical Classification Committee and approval of National Organic Program products. He assists clients with obtaining biochemical classification determinations, negotiates data requirements with the US EPA, schedules and monitors GLP studies, prepares registration dossiers, and communicates with regulatory authorities to ensure successful registration.

Prior to joining Technology Sciences Group Inc. (TSG), Mr. Moore worked as a chemist for the US EPA’s Biopesticide and Pollution Prevention Division (BPPD). In BPPD, he composed biochemical pesticide risk assessments for the federal registration of biopesticides, including new active ingredients, new products, and registration review. Mr. Moore previously worked at Gowan Company, LLC to manage the regulatory biopesticide portfolio, develop and implement regulatory strategies, and submit final dossiers to the US EPA. Mr. Moore is experienced in reviewing protocols for GLP and cGMP studies, as well as coordinating with research labs and acting as study monitor on study generation.

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