Ms. Oleta Melnicoe has over 25 years of experience providing regulatory guidance on the registration of pesticide products at the state and federal level. As a former state regulator, Ms. Melnicoe provides critical insight into the potential challenges and possible solutions when seeking approval of new or novel products. Her substantial experience, coupled with her close working relationships with government regulators, allows her to provide unparalleled guidance throughout the registration process. This perspective provides a unique and comprehensive approach to product development and regulatory strategy.

Ms. Melnicoe is a recognized expert in obtaining pesticide registrations throughout the 50 states and U.S. territories, and she specializes in developing regulatory strategies for product approval and sale. Her expertise includes antimicrobial, biochemical, microbial and conventional pesticides developed for consumer, industrial or agricultural markets, as well as minimum risk pesticides and pesticide devices. In addition, she has substantial experience in label development based on the review of scientific data generated to support federal and state registrations. Ms. Melnicoe is exceptionally skilled in coordinating the registration of pesticide products containing new active ingredients, and has an intimate understanding of the regulatory complexities found in the most stringent states, including California, New York and Florida. Additionally, she has extensive experience developing rationales to support concurrent scientific evaluation in California, and is well-versed in coordinating pre-registration meetings and other engagements between registrants and state regulators.

Ms. Melnicoe also has expertise in the development and registration of FIFRA 25(b) minimum risk products, pesticide devices and copacks. In addition, she assists companies with on-going product compliance, including audits and product defense strategies should enforcement violations occur.

Prior to joining Technology Sciences Group Inc. (TSG) in 1995, Ms. Melnicoe was Supervisor of Registration for the Pesticide Registration Branch of California’s Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR), where she and her staff were responsible for registering products containing new active ingredients as well as basic and supplemental distributor products. She also supervised data call-in programs for the Department, including those covering health effects and groundwater data required under the Birth Defects Prevention Act (SB 950) and the Pesticide Contamination Prevention Act (AB 2021).

As part of the decision-making team in the California Pesticide Registration Branch for 10 years, Ms. Melnicoe gained a deep understanding of the intricacies of the California registration system. The intimate knowledge of California’s highly regulated pesticide market assists her with state regulations throughout the U.S., including the most challenging states: California, New York and Florida.
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