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TSG’s Abigail Downs Published in CPDA Quarterly (January 2014)

TSG’s Abigail Downs authored an article titled Navigating the EPA’s Inert Ingredient Petition Process for CPDA Quarterly, which is published and distributed by the Council of Producers & Distributors of Agrotechnology. The article focused on clarifying the EPA inert ingredient petition and approval process, and it also provided insight regarding resources and strategies available to help obtain an approval or amendment for an inert ingredient.

Ms. Downs addressed EPA’s fee-for-service process, known as PRIA 3, which was implemented for inerts in order to provide clarity to the public and inform petitioners of an inert approval timeline. She went on to clarify EPA’s definition of inerts and common misconceptions regarding their use when approved by other U.S. regulatory agencies (e.g., FDA). She also described the regulatory status process and various inert uses, including food-use, fragrances and trade name ingredients. In addition, Ms. Downs provided in-depth guidance on developing an inert petition strategy, which included various tools and tips available for potential registrants going through the process.

About Abigail Downs
Ms. Downs has significant experience in helping companies develop regulatory strategies for pesticide registration, advising clients on FIFRA-related issues, and obtaining and maintaining antimicrobial registrations. She is highly knowledgeable of the Pesticide Registration Improvement Act (PRIA) and Toxicological Doses and Endpoints for chemicals registered by the Antimicrobial Division at EPA. In addition, she is the Operation Manager of the Silver Task Force North America and a member of the American Chemistry Council Biocides Panel. She joined TSG from EPA’s Antimicrobial Division.

See Ms. Downs’s full bio here.

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