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Report Finds Substandard Chinese Biopesticides (December 2015)

The most recent round of a Chinese pesticide compliance study found that less than one third of biopesticide products were fully compliant with product regulation. Of the 16 products tested, less than one third of them passed inspection. The products that did not meet requirements were found to contain the illegal addition of other pesticides.
The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture conducted the second round of inspections on nearly 1,500 product samples from all categories across 15 Chinese provinces and regions. While 82.3% of products tested met inspection standards, 256 substandard samples did not. The majority of these were found to be “counterfeit pesticides,” as they either contained no active ingredient or a different active ingredient than the one specified.
This report revealed that single active ingredient products were usually higher quality, and that fungicides had the highest inspection pass rate of 89.9%, while insecticides only had a pass rate of 74.4%.

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