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REAL ID Act May Affect Visitors at EPA and FDA Headquarters
(July 2014)

The REAL ID Act, which goes into effect on July 21, 2014, establishes new identification requirements for visitors at restricted federal facilities, including the EPA and FDA headquarters. In order to visit these facilities, individuals must go through a security screening and show valid picture identification. Beginning July 21, driver's licenses from the following states/territory, which do not comply with the REAL ID Act, will not be accepted as photo ID:

Alaska Massachusetts
America Samoa Minnesota*
Arizonia Montana
Kentucky New York*
Louisiana Oklahoma
Maine Washington State*

For individuals visiting the EPA or FDA headquarters, an acceptable form of ID must be presented. Acceptable items are listed below, and all forms of ID must be originals and unexpired.

One of these items Or Two of These Items (one must include a photograph)
Federal ID (PIV card, similar to an EPASS badge)   ID card issued by federal, state, or local government
U.S. passport   School ID
Permanent resident card (green card)   Voter registration card
Foreign passport   Native American tribal document
U.S. military ID   Social Security card
    Birth certificate
    U.S. citizen ID card
    Student green card
    Employment Authorization document issued by the Department of Homeland Security

More Information
Homeland Security REAL ID FAQ
Real ID Enforcement Brief
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