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PMRA Proposes New Pesticide Fee Schedules
(March 2014)

The Canadian Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has proposed a new pesticide registration fee schedule to reflect the “more complex and global” nature of the work involved in application review. PMRA based its fee increases on EPA’s fee structure “because they are [PMRA’s] largest trading partner and [the two] regulatory systems are more closely aligned.”

The old fee regulations had two fee schedules, which would both be updated. PMRA is also adding a third fee schedule for microbial and semiochemical pest control products. The basic application fee for label review would go from Can$ 262 (US$ 237) to Can$ 1,133 (US$ 483). The new fee for registering microbials and semiochemicals based on a new food-use active ingredient (AI) would be Can$ 7,236 (US$ 6,534). PMRA notes that the fee represents a cost recovery rate of less than 4%, which take into account the continued need to encourage the registration of such product in Canada, given their lower risk profile than conventional products.

Additionally, PMRA proposed to keep the annual regulatory charge for covering costs not associated with application review. It would be raised from Can$ 2,690 (US$ 2,429) to Can$ 3,600 (US$ 3,251), which is based on cost of living increases since the initial 1997 fee regulations. Under PMRA’s proposal, a cost of living index would be used to raise fees on an annual basis to improve planning for government and industry, and to reduce the sudden impact of substantial fee increases in the future.

PMRA invites stakeholders and the public to submit written comments on the proposed changes, which are addressed in the “Pesticide Cost Recovery Consultation, A Consultation Document in Advance of Parliamentary Proposal.”  Further to the consultation document, PMRA will also be consulting with registrants through the Business Impact Test. The Business Impact Test focuses on the impact on businesses as a result of the proposed changes to the cost recovery regime. PMRA will use the input received from both documents to better determine the need for, and extent of, potential adjustments to the proposed cost recovery regime.

PMRA is hosting a webinar for registrants with regard to the Business Impact Test document. This webinar will be held on Thursday, April 17th at 3:30-5:00 (EDT). If you wish to participate in this live webinar, please RSVP CR_BIT_TIE_RC_pesticide@hc-sc.gc.ca by Monday, April 14th.

The proposed fee changes are open to public comment until April 28, 2014. A list of other proposed fee changes can be found below:

    ▲ Charge for reviewing toxicology data for a new active ingredient (AI): Reduced from Can$ 98,248 (US$ 88,711) to Can$ 75,807 (US$ 68,448).

    ▲ A new fee of Can$ 21,617 (US$ 19,519) has been added for the generation of a compensable data list.

    ▲ The review of unassessed AIs with maximum residue limits would see a fee change from Can$ 8,448 (US$ 7,628) to Can$ 125,461 (US$ 113,283).

    ▲ The review of new uses for previously assessed AIs with maximum residue limits would see a fee change of Can$ 8,448 (US$ 7,628) to
Can$ 15,838 (US$ 14,301).

For more information, please Contact TSG.
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