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Health Canada Issues New Pest Control Products Fees and Charges Regulations (March 2017)

Effective April 1, 2017, Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) is issuing new fees in support of pesticide regulation services. PMRA manages various pre- and post- market activities pertaining to registration applications for pesticides in Canada. These services have experienced increased costs since the current fees were first established in 1997, a change that has not been appropriately reflected in the application fees. As a result, PMRA is implementing a cost recovery system involving new fee regulations for pesticide products.

The key provisions of the regulations include:

  • Increased application fees
  • Increased processing fee
  • Increased minimum fee
  • Annual charge applied to each registered pest control product to reflect inflation
  • An annual adjustment to application fees to compensate for constant growth in cost (Note: This does not apply to the annual charge)

An increase in fees will adjust for the impact of inflation, as well as the rising complexity of handling pest control product applications. Since the current fees regulations were first implemented, the applications have increased by over 5000 pages in length and product types have grown far more diversified. These increasing costs will aid Health Canada to maintain and improve service standards for pre- and post- market review activities, such as timeliness and transparency, within the agency.

Health Canada ensures that the regulations will not have significant repercussions on applicants, registrants, and pest control product users. The fees are not expected to discourage manufacturing and production companies from registering new pesticide products or to diminish their incentives to maintain the registration of existing pesticides in the market. Pesticide prices should also experience little to no change because registration fees make up a very small fraction of the overall costs for product development.

PMRA has released an updated version of the registration form (6005), as well as an updated fee form (6011). The updated forms must be submitted with all applications for registration, amendment, and notification. Only the updated forms are being accepted as of April 1, 2017.

If you have any questions regarding the application fee changes, please contact TSG.

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