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Health Canada Launches Pesticide Inspections Database (October 2016)

Health Canada announced that information on inspections of pesticide manufacturers will be made publically available in an online database. This action demonstrates the government’s pledge to increase transparency, and is being taken under Health Canada’s Regulatory Transparency and Openness Framework and Action Plan 2015-2018.

Through the Pest Control Registrant Inspections Database, Canadian families will be able to access information on former inspections for a company of interest, as well as information about a company’s regulation compliance history. This knowledge will allow the public access to information about regulatory practices for pesticides, and ultimately help them form better judgments about the products that they purchase.

Health Canada is the leading agency responsible for health and safety regulation in Canada. The Regulatory Transparency and Openness Framework and Action Plan for 2015-2018 outlines Health Canada’s plan of action to promote convenience and efficiency for public access to relevant health and safety information.

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