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EPA SmartLabel Testing Program Now in Phase 3 (October 2016)

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is announcing that its SmartLabel beta program for pesticide product labeling is entering its third phase. In 2014, EPA teamed up with participating pesticide registrants organized through the Pesticide Registration Improvement Act (PRIA) coalition workgroup to pilot an electronic label system. Participants are testing a variety of product types including conventional pesticides, microbial and biochemical pesticides, and antimicrobials. Through the pilot system, participants have been able to communicate with one another about demonstrations and questions regarding the SmartLabel program and its development.

According to EPA’s notice, Phase 3 of the initiative includes developments in improved input formatting for increased clarity, accuracy and organization of content and use of data reporting on labels:

Builders Used to Produce Input Features Advantage
SmartLabel Content Builder Pesticide Product Label Content - Category Section (e.g., precautionary statements, directions for use)

- Pick Lists of Vocabulary Terms (e.g. active ingredient, physical form, use site)
More easily search and sort pesticide labels
SmartLabel Use Index Builder Pesticide Product Use List - Structured Format

- Numerical Data Fields

- Picklists of Vocabulary Terms (e.g. active ingredient, application equipment, restrictions/limitations)
Use to search and analyze product use data

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