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EPA’s Safer Choice Label (December 2015)

EPA’s Safer Choice Label allows consumers to choose products that contain safer chemical ingredients, while still maintaining a product’s effectiveness. For the past 15 years, EPA’s safer chemical products have been known as “Design for the Environment,” but after a great deal of discussion with stakeholders, have transitioned to the new Safer Choice label as of February 2015.
To carry this new label, manufacturers must meet the Safer Choice Standard, which includes adhering to criteria for safer chemical ingredients, as well as requirements for performance, packaging, pH, and VOCs.
Safer Choice products are available for consumers to purchase at retail stores and can be used in homes, businesses, schools, offices, etc. Examples of the types of consumer household products that display the Safer Choice label are multipurpose cleaners, degreasers, spot removing solutions, care car products, soaps, and laundry related additives.

For more information on the Safer Choice Label can be found online at EPA’s website:

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