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FIFRA SAP to Consider Scientific Issues on Draft Product Performance Data for Product Efficacy Claims
on Invertebrate Pests
(March 2013)

EPA is evaluating the efficacy of pesticide products used to control invertebrate pests by consulting with the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) on scientific issues associated with product performance data. During a 3-day meeting, the SAP will review data and methodologies being considered to support the control of invertebrate pests of significant public health importance. These pests include ticks, mosquitos, wood-destroying insects and invasive invertebrate species.

Because of recent developments in vector-borne diseases, such as the spread of West Nile Virus and bed bugs in public housing, there is an immediate need to more carefully assess the threat of invertebrate species to public health. In addition, invasive wood-destroying insects, such as Emerald Ash Borer or Asian long horned beetle, have caused significant economic impact to homes and native plant species.

The main topics for consideration by FIFRA SAP are the criteria for:

Identifying the public health pests, wood-destroying insects and invasive species for which product performance data are needed;
Evaluating pest grouping and selecting appropriate surrogate species for efficacy testing;
Evaluating the adequacy for the performance standards being considered;
Providing consistency in product performance studies submitted to EPA; and
Ensuring the likelihood that EPA-registered products will perform as expected.

EPA will take SAP’s recommendations into consideration when proposing invertebrate product performance data requirements. All documents for the SAP meeting are available for review and public comment at www.regulations.gov in Docket # EPA-HQ-OPP-2012-0574.

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