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California Safer Consumer Products Regulation – Possible Chemicals of Concern
(May 2013)

The Scientific Guidance Panel added chemicals to the Biomonitoring California program. The added chemicals, p,p’-Bisphenols, Diglycidyl ethers of p,p’-bisphenols and non-halogenated aromatic phosphates, are now eligible for the candidate chemicals list under the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) Safer Consumer Products Regulation. The Safer Consumer Products Regulation identifies a list of “chemicals of concern,” which are taken from a list of roughly 1,200 candidate chemicals. About 220 of the candidate chemicals that have exposure pathways based on data from sources like Biomonitoring California will be identified as chemicals of concern (COCs).If COCs are present in “priority products” identified by DTSC, manufacturers will be required to seek alternative ingredients and submit conclusions to DTSC in a public document called an “alternatives analysis.”

The Scientific Guidance Panel has also made improvements to the Biomonitoring California priority chemicals list, such as:

    Including additional names of flame retardants within categories listed as classes

     ▲ Implementing changes made previously to the designated list, such as:

          - Adding new categories for clarity

          - Listing some chemicals in more than one category

To view a copy of the updated priority chemicals list, please click here.

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