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CA Notice 2013-05: Completion of Chloropicrin Risk Assessment (May 2013)

The Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) has completed a comprehensive risk assessment for the active ingredient chloropicrin. The comprehensive risk assessment was conducted in order to evaluate potential human health risks to workers and public from all chloropicrin exposure scenarios. DPR previously conducted a risk assessment evaluating airborne exposure to chloropicrin under the legislative mandate California Toxic Air Contaminant (TAC) Act.

In the comprehensive risk assessment, the potential for adverse human health effects with bystander and worker exposure to chloropicrin were evaluated using margin of exposure (MOE) estimates. According to DPR, lifetime exposure for chloropicrin soil fumigation workers is a concern since their calculated cancer risk estimates were all greater than the negligible risk level, even when chloropicrin was used only as a warning agent at 2%. The lifetime exposure for structural fumigation workers are also a concern since their cancer risk estimates were all well above the negligible risk level. The lifetime exposure for bystanders of chloropicrin soil fumigation are of particular concern since their cancer risk estimates were greater than their negligible risk level by several orders of magnitude. However, cancer risks may have been overestimated due to uncertainties related to the carcinogenicity potential of chloropicrin.

Based on the low MOEs and high cancer risk estimates for most occupational and bystander exposure scenarios, DPR suggests that mitigation should be considered. To view a full copy of the final risk characterization document (RCD) and exposure assessment document (EAD) for chloropicrin please click

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