International pesticide Registration

What does TSG’s global network mean?
TSG has offices throughout North America and Europe, including Sacramento, CA, Washington, DC, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Slovenia, Ireland and Germany. Through these locations and our affiliates, TSG works with companies in 36 countries worldwide including China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America.

What are the difficulties in registering a pesticide product internationally?
Registering pesticides internationally has become more complex due to the increased data requirements among industrialized nations such as the US, Japan and the European Union (EU) member states. The lack of uniform Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards only complicates the acceptability of studies in different countries. In addition, language barriers can cause difficulties in registering products for different countries. TSG’s diverse consulting staff have the necessary language skills and contacts to coordinate registrations world-wide, ensuring that language or registration agent issues will not hinder product registration.

An increasing number of developing countries are implementing the Food and Agriculture Organization's (FAO) International Code of Conduct on Pesticide Use and Distribution. This means an increase in the registration requirements in these countries. Moreover, the reregistration of older pesticides previously approved in the US and EU requires manufacturers to assume significant burdens of proof of product health and environmental safety in the form of data, analyses and risk assessments. TSG advises manufacturers on the requirements necessary to register new pesticides, reregister existing pesticides and obtain experimental use permits outside the US.

How does TSG’s global network help me register pesticide products internationally?
TSG has offices strategically located near regulatory agencies for the purpose of providing an unsurpassed level of support to our clients. These office locations allow us to provide regulatory experts who specialize in state, federal, Canadian, EU and world-wide pesticide registration requirements. TSG’s global network gives us the unique ability to register pesticides and coordinate multiple pesticide registrations throughout the world, while registrants only have to work with one company. This creates better communication, efficiency and overall results, which in turn allows for quicker product registration, saving time and money for clients. TSG is also well-versed in Global Harmonized Registrations where a single pesticide application is filed in more than one country, allowing for coordinated data and label review for simultaneous pesticide registration in each country.

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