PR Notice 2014-1: Web-Distributed Labeling for Pesticides
(April 2014)

Pesticide Registration Notice 2014-1 announces the new voluntary process available to pesticide registrants that are interested in making legally valid pesticide labeling accessible online. The Notice is intended to improve existing labeling by allowing users to download the portions of the pesticide labeling specific to their intended state and site of use.

EPA believes that adoption of these recommendations by pesticide registrants could help pesticide users better understand and comply with labeling instructions, which would help mitigate the risks of unintentional pesticide misuse. EPA also believes that web-distributed labeling could allow for faster implementation of new use additions, label amendments and risk mitigation labeling, which would allow labeling updates to reach pesticide users in a more expeditious manner.

EPA notes that, while it encourages registrants to adopt the options required to allow labeling content online, the Notice does not require pesticide registrants to take any action in response. In addition, EPA plans to reevaluate this Pesticide Registration Notice within five years of the final publication to ensure that the web-distributed labeling system is keeping up with current technology.

To view PR Notice 2014-1 in its entirety, please click here.

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