EPA Announces Phase II of SmartLabel Pilot Program (July 2015)

EPA announced the second phase of its SmartLabel Pilot Program, which is an initiative to develop an electronic system for developing and submitting pesticide labels. This new program would replace the outdated procedure of submitting labels via paper or PDF files.

SmartLabel is intended to create a more standardized template for the submission of new labels that allows for quicker reviews and comparison against previous labels. Additionally, SmartLabel is designed to allow agencies to search a database of standardized labels that can support the registration process and risk assessment.

During Phase II, EPA states that anyone who is interested may provide input on the two items resulting from Phase I:    

▲ The electronic labelling system and the process for manufacturers to input text by category that, when compiled, make up the product label.    

▲ Updated documents including a revised style sheet and User Guide with terminology lists. EPA revised documents based on feedback from participants.

All comments are encouraged to be submitted to smartlabel@epa.gov. The SmartLabel system is positioned to create an easier and more efficient way to share and process labels, including enhancing the exchange of information between regulatory agencies, such as the EPA and the FDA.

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