EPA PR Notice 2013-1: Establishment of Silver Task Force North America (STFNA)
(May 2013)

On May 1, 2013, EPA released Pesticide Registration (PR) Notice 2013-1 announcing the establishment of the Silver Task Force North America (STFNA), an industry-wide association created to respond to and develop data for the registration review of silver or silver compounds under section 3(g) of FIFRA. On February 29, 2012, EPA issued a data call-in (DCI) notice for all silver products, which EPA has defined as any pesticide product containing silver or silver compounds as the active ingredient. The DCI establishes new data requirements for silver products, including toxicity, ecotoxicity, environmental fate, and occupational exposure studies. If a pesticide registrant does not satisfy the DCI data requirements, EPA may suspend or cancel their registration.

The STFNA intends to address the Silver DCI’s requirements and will develop any new data in Project Groups that consist of interested STFNA members. Members of the Project Group will select the study or studies to perform, develop the data, and fund the research. While the STFNA states that it will own and assert rights to all data developed by the Project Groups, only members of a given Project Group will have a license to use the data that is developed from that particular Project Group.

Joining the Silver Task Force North America

Registrants may generate their own data or pay for certification with respect to citation of data. If a pesticide registrant does not wish to pay for data generation or data compensation to satisfy registration review requirements for silver products under FIFRA, they may consider joining STFNA.

STFNA’s Technical Advisor is TSG’s
Ms. Erin Tesch. For more information about becoming an STFNA member, please contact Ms. Tesch.

Current STFNA Members: Apyron Technologies, BASF Corporation, Bio-Gate AG, BioLab, Inc., Calgon Carcon Corporation, Chemviron Carbon Ltd., Clariant Corporation, Corning Inc., Dow Chemical Company, Eastman Kodak Company, Enrich Products, Inc., Fairey Industrial Ceramics, Ltd., Fuji Chemical Industry Co. Ltd., Ishizuka Glass Co. Ltd., King Technology, Inc., KX Technologies LLC, LiquiTech, Inc., Mason Chemical Company, Microban Products Company, NanoBioMatters Industries S.L., NanoHorizons Inc., Pool Products Packaging Corporation, ProEdge Dental Products, Inc., RUDOLF GmbH, Sanosil International, LLC., sBioMed, LLC., Sciessent LLC, Sinanen Zeomic Co. Ltd., Sterisil, Inc., TaikiUSA Inc., Thomson Research Associates International Ltd., Thor Specialties, Inc., Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc.

For more information, please
Contact TSG.

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