DTSC Announces Draft Priority Products (March 2014)

The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) announced three draft Priority Products on March 13, 2014, which are consumer goods sold in California that contain at least one chemical of concern (COC) as identified by DTSC. The initial draft Priority Products were chosen by DTSC because they contain toxic chemicals that DTSC has identified as having the potential to cause significant harm to people or the environment. The products are also widely used and create the potential for significant public exposure to the toxic chemicals.

The three draft Priority Products are:

Spray polyurethane foam systems containing unreacted diisocyanates – Spray polyurethane foam systems are used for home and building insulation, weatherization, sealing and roofing. Diisocyanates can irritate the respiratory tract, cause asthma and cancer, and are known skin irritants. They are the leading cause of occupational asthma. Do-it-yourselfers are also at risk when using these products without appropriate protection.

Read the full DTSC fact sheet here.

Children’s foam-padded sleeping products containing TDCPP (chlorinated Tris) – TDCPP is a flame retardant and carcinogen under California’s Proposition 65 law. (link to Prop 65 Regulation page) Children and infants are especially vulnerable to its carcinogenic and other chronic health effects. TDCPP is readily released into air and dust, and it has been detected in dust in homes, offices, automobiles and day care centers. People ingest TDCPP via dust inhalation or skin absorption. These foam-padded sleeping products include:

    ▲ Nap mats and cots
    ▲ Sleep positioners
    ▲ Travel beds
    ▲ Bassinet foam
    ▲ Portable crib mattresses
    ▲ Play pens
    ▲ Car bed pads

Read the full DTSC fact sheet here.

Paint stripper containing methylene chloride – Methylene chloride is an acute neurotoxin and is carcinogenic, and it is commonly found in products such as paint and varnish removers, paint and varnish strippers, and industrial surface cleaners. Methylene chloride is metabolized to carbon monoxide in the body and can cause severe cases of carbon monoxide intoxication. Since 2000, there have been at least 14 death reported in the U.S. related to bathtub refinishing with stripping agents containing methylene chloride.

Read the full DTSC fact sheet here.

DTSC has made it clear that the announcement of the draft Priority Products is the beginning of a process. The first step is for DTSC to gain additional understanding of the use, manufacture and sale of these products. This will be done through public workshops and comments from stakeholders. Information gathered from this process will be used in the final determination. The Priority Products will not be finalized until the rulemaking process is complete, which could take up to a year.

Safer Consumer Product Regulations
For an overview of California’s Green Chemistry Initiative and the Safer Consumer Products regulations, please click here.

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