DPR Proposes Update to Groundwater Protection List of Pesticides
(May 2014)

California’s Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) has issued a Notice of Proposed Action to update the Groundwater Protection List of pesticides that have the potential to pollute ground water in California. The proposed action will also remove pesticides from the list that are unlikely to pollute ground water. The comment period is open until June 16, 2014.

The proposed regulations will amend section 6800(b) of Title 3, California Code of Regulation. The proposed regulations will add 27 new chemicals and remove 30 chemicals that no longer meet the criteria for inclusion on the Groundwater Protection List. DPR has made an initial determination that adopting this regulation will not have significant adverse economic impacts on California businesses, individuals or the state economy as a whole. DPR estimates that the lifetime cost for all businesses and individuals, which is primarily attributed to reporting requirements for some of the pesticides, will be $80,000-$133,000.

Proposed Additions to the List:
DPR identified 27 chemicals contained in registered agricultural use pesticides that meet the criteria for inclusion into the Groundwater Protection List section 6800(b) based on their environmental fate characteristics and label use directions.

The chemicals are: aminocyclopyrachlor; aminocyclopyrachlor, potassium salt; aminopyralid, triisopropanolamine salt; boscalid; chlorantraniliprole; clothianidin; cyprodinil; dimethomorph; fenamidone; flazasulfuron; fluopicolide; fosthiazate; imazapyr, isopropylamine salt; indaziflam; mesotrione; metconazole; myclobutanil; orthosulfamuron; propamocarb hydrochloride; propiconazole; prothioconazole; pyraclostrobin; sulfentrazone; tebuconazole; thiencarbazone-methyl; triadimefon; and triticonazole.

Proposed Deletions from the List:
The proposed regulations have identified 30 chemicals in agricultural use pesticides that do not meet the criteria for inclusion in section 6800(b) of the Ground Water Protection List.

Of the 30 chemicals, DPR has determined that 18 should be removed because they are no longer registered for use as pesticides in California. These chemicals are: azinphos-methyl; butylate; carbofuran; cyanazine; diethatyl-ethyl; disulfoton; fenamiphos; fenoxycarb; fluometuron; fonofos; imazethapyr; methyl parathion; molinate; naptalam, sodium salt; parathion; pebulate; thiazopyr; and vernolate.

DPR has determined that the other 12 chemicals should be removed from section 6800(b) because their labels no longer include qualifying use directions. These chemicals are: 2,4-DP-P, dimethylamine salt (dichlorprop-P, dimethylamine salt); diflufenzopyr, sodium salt; diquat dibromide; endothall, dipotassium salt; endothall, mono (N,N-dimethyl alkylamine) salt; imazapic, ammonium salt; methyl isothiocyanate; oxydemeton-methyl; piperonyl butoxide; terrazole; uniconizole-P; and vinclozolin.

DPR’s Notice of Proposed Regulatory Action can be found here.

DPR’s Initial Statement of Reasons can be found

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