A History of TSG Technology Sciences Group Inc. (TSG) began in Washington, D.C., in 1990 as a wholly owned subsidiary of McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP, (formerly McKenna & Cuneo LLP), a leading international law firm. 

Founding of TSG

Begun with only three Ph.D.-level scientists, TSG initially provided regulatory compliance services for the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) and the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) issues, including federal pesticide registration. TSG immediately found success and quickly grew to more than 20 full-time employees within the first year.
It continued its expansion by launching a San Francisco office the following year. Originally, the San Francisco office was in charge of state affairs, including 50 state registration and Proposition 65 compliance services, but in 1994, TSG had a growing need to open its second California office near Sacramento. Initially, both offices continued to offer state regulatory and scientific services, however Sacramento’s close proximity to the California state capitol became an essential location and soon became the sole headquarters for the State Affairs Division.

European Expansion: TSGE

In 2000, TSG expanded its efforts to provide direct, integrated services at a global level when it opened an office in the United Kingdom. Technology Sciences (Europe) Ltd, or TSGE, began with five senior regulatory scientists with experience in compiling scientific dossiers for the European Union (EU), along with product support and defense efforts. With a focus on REACH, plant protection and biocides, TSGE expanded to more than 30 consultants with expertise in human health, ecotoxicology, analytical methodology, crop residues, environmental chemistry, pharmacovigilance, biocides and plant protection. TSGE continues to provide advice on REACH and registration (annexation) programs involving biocide and plant protection chemicals, while also expanding into cosmetics, animal health, food additives and other product categories for EU and Member State requirements.  Additionally, TSGE offers consortia management, workshops and training events on a wide range of EU regulatory-based topics.
In 2002, TSG continued its European expansion by opening TSGE Iberia Spain, which serves the regulatory needs of Central Europe. In 2009, TSGE Slovenia was opened providing assistance throughout Eastern Europe. In 2010, TSGE Deutschland was opened in Germany as a central location to support the ever expanding regulatory and scientific needs in Europe.

Asia-Pacific & Canada:
Initiated in 2003, TSG began offering regulatory services for pesticides, foods, pharmaceuticals and chemicals in China. Recognizing a need to focus resources on the Chinese market, TSG hired Dr. Hong Chen to further expand its capabilities in the Asia-Pacific region. TSG provides pesticide registration, new chemical notifications, sourcing assistance, Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) audits, and training seminars for a number of Asian countries including China, Japan, India and Pakistan.

In 2007, TSG expanded its North American operations with the formation of TSG Canada. The Canadian office provides regulatory and scientific expertise for a variety of programs including those for disinfectants (DIN), pesticides (PCP), food additive (CFIA), cosmetics and other regulatory issues.

TSG Today
The TSG global network offers high-quality regulatory and scientific services to assist with state, national and international compliance needs. With offices throughout North America and Europe, TSG operates in 36 countries worldwide including China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South America. Our clients include chemical, pesticide, consumer product, food, personal care and animal health companies, as well as industry groups, trade associations and law firms.  With an international staff of over 90 scientists and regulatory consultants, TSG provides clients with a full range of scientific and regulatory expertise on a global basis.

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