State Pesticide Regulation - New York & Florida

New York

New York, like California, has adopted programs that duplicate or go beyond the efforts of the federal government.
Federal compliance does not automatically allow entry into New York’s marketplace. For example, New York approval of pesticides with new active ingredients or significant new uses requires that the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) be provided with full summaries of all the studies that have been submitted to EPA, along with the EPA’s evaluations of these studies and special summary documents designed for use by DEC scientists. DEC evaluates these data and can request additional full-length studies. New York continues to focus on their urban issues and consumer product concerns, as well as on their environmentally-vulnerable regions, such as the groundwater of Long Island.


Florida has numerous environmental programs that go beyond the scope of those adopted by other states. Many of these relate to the unique vulnerability of the
state’s waters, particularly Florida’s shallow groundwater. Pesticide and fertilizer companies must submit additional data to Florida to illustrate that the use of pesticide products will not inappropriately contaminate groundwater. Pesticide products containing new active ingredients and significant new uses, including both agricultural and non-agricultural use products, must be supported by submission of data summaries, details on the EPA evaluations of these studies, and other Florida-specific forms and documents.

TSG’s New York and Florida pesticide services include:

▲Developing registration strategies

▲Identifying data requirements

▲Coordinating pre-registration meetings

▲Preparing and submitting applications for registration

▲Providing scientific and technical support

▲Addressing data call-ins and maintaining on-going product compliance and defense

▲Assisting with data requirements for new active ingredients