Risk Assessment

TSG specializes in performing human health, environmental and Proposition 65 risk assessments to help clients fulfill federal and state regulatory requirements, and to support good product stewardship. Our board-certified toxicologists routinely estimate potential risk from exposure to pesticides, chemicals, pharmaceutical agents, consumer products and food ingredients.

TSG's scientists have extensive experience in all facets of human health
and environmental risk assessment. Our toxicologists are proficient in the four basic components of risk assessment – hazard identification, dose-response assessment, exposure assessment, and risk characterization – and are accustomed to working with the details of applicable regulatory guidelines and procedures. In addition, TSG is highly familiar with the EPA's revised risk assessment guidelines.

We specialize in unique custom-designed human health risk assessments that employ scientifically sound alternative methodologies and mechanistic and pharmacological data to address and resolve specific challenges. While adhering fully to the appropriate evaluation criteria, we make full use of newly emerging information from the scientific community and advances in data and assessment methods to provide scientifically defensible realistic estimates of potential risk.

TSG’s scientists routinely perform risk assessments for consumer products and pesticides used in the U.S. and around the world. These risk assessments range in scope from single population and single route of exposure to combination risk assessments that include evaluation of potential risks to multiple populations exposed by multiple routes.

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