U.S. Pesticide State Renewals

Once state registrations are obtained, the product registration must be maintained in each state a company wants to market and sell its product. This requires companies to comply with each state’s regulatory requirements every time renewals are due. Furthermore, if any federal registration activity occurs, such as label amendments or notifications, updates may be required at the state level to maintain compliance. 

TSG’s state regulatory specialists routinely submit renewal documents to maintain state registrations, provide companies with complete records of renewal submission and certificates from states, act as a liaison with state regulators, and update labels for each state, including electronic submissions.

Our regulatory consultants have extensive knowledge of each state’s renewal requirements. This allows us to provide high quality services at a cost-competitive price, and our strong working relationships with state agencies ensure a smooth and efficient process during each renewal period.

In addition, we provide continued assistance with state regulatory issues such as
product defense, label amendments, data call-ins and volatile organic compound (VOC) compliance to ensure that state pesticide registrations are maintained.