Joint Meeting on Pesticide Residue (JMPR)

A favorable evaluation by the Joint FAO/WHO Meeting on Pesticide Residues (JMPR) is critical to international acceptance of any pesticide that might leave residues in food, therefore requiring a Codex listing. TSG’s consultants have extensive experience in representing industry for both chemistry and toxicology evaluations, and can assist with all aspects of the JMPR and Codex processes.

With knowledge of JMPR and Codex requirements and experience in JMPR and Codex processes, TSG provides comprehensive services to obtain or maintain necessary approvals so that pesticides may be sold in international markets.

TSG provides assistance with:

▲ Explaining processes and key issues associated with a JMPR evaluation;

▲ Preparing a complete compilation of studies and other information necessary for the evaluation by the WHO and FAO panels, and organizing the compilation of information in accordance with panel requirements;

▲ Preparing a dossier summarizing the available toxicology or residue data, in accordance with panel requirements;

▲ Interacting with panelists during pre-hearing meetings and discussions, providing requested materials and responding to concerns as appropriate;

▲ Appearing before FAO and WHO panels to provide representation, answer questions and address issues; and

▲ Providing technical and procedural advice during subsequent steps in the Codex process.

TSG’s scientists have assisted several companies in successfully navigating JMPR and Codex processes. In addition to our experience working with FAO and WHO secretariats and panels on behalf of industry, our knowledge and understanding of the processes have been strengthened by our service on the JMPR and other international expert panels.