Expert Witness: Regulatory Procedures

In many lawsuits there are various matters that can play an important factor in the case, including questions on the regulatory history of a compound, compliance by the defendant with regulatory requirements applicable to a certain period in time, or other issues regarding how the relevant regulatory agency operates.

TSG’s consultants can serve as an expert witness in these types of cases by providing authoritative expert reports, deposition and testimony. Our services include:

▲ Advising on regulatory procedures and policy history in general, such as the evolution and applicability of particular data requirements or procedures;

▲ Advising on the regulatory history of a particular compound;

▲ Evaluating compliance with the procedures and policies in place at a certain time in the compound's history;

▲ Preparing expert reports for the court; and

▲ Providing depositions and trial testimony.

TSG’s consultants have a substantial amount of practical experience based on years of consulting and experience in government and industry, which brings a unique perspective to their views. In some cases, our consultants have actually participated in past regulatory action on the chemical involved. We also have experience in dealing with these issues in previous court cases and understand how to work in the legal system.