TSGE Europe

TSG is an international consultancy with a Global Network located throughout North America and Europe. TSG’s European extension, TSGE, provides scientific and registration services to the chemical and associated industries, government organizations and law firms. The highly qualified specialists at TSGE have expertise in human health, environmental fate and behavior, ecotoxicology, physical and analytical chemistry, and efficacy.

TSGE’s consultants provide registration, reregistration and product defense services for new active substances and products under the Plant Protection Products Directive (91/414/EEC), Biocidal Products Directive (98/8/EC), REACH (Regulation (EC) 1907/2006), as well as animal health, food contact, toy safety and associated products. In addition, strategic advice at the technical and more general regulatory level is also provided to enable clients to place products on the market in a quick and cost-effective manner.

TSGE is located in the United Kingdom, and has offices in Hildesheim, Germany (TSGE Deutschland), Oviedo, Spain (TSGE Iberia) and Ljubljana, Slovenia (TSGE Slovenia). These office locations give TSGE the ability to register and defend chemical and associated products throughout Europe.

European services include:

▲ Preparing whole or partial dossiers for EU and national reviews;

▲ Preparing assessments on behalf of national authorities;

▲ Data completeness/compliance checks;

▲ Preparing data waivers;

▲ Program and consortium/task force management;

▲ Study design and monitoring;

▲ Being a liaison with regulatory authorities;

▲ Global management of active substances and products;

▲ Environmental modeling (e.g. FOCUS) for fate and behavior;

▲ Risk assessment - consumer, dietary, operator and environmental;

▲ Classifying, labeling and preparing Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS);

▲ Preparing efficacy and biological dossiers;

▲ Conducting due diligence audits prior to divestment or purchase of companies or products; and

▲ Training programs and seminars for industry.