Due Diligence Audit

TSG’s scientists and regulatory consultants are available to evaluate assets being considered for acquisition. These audits guard against potential vulnerability from outdated scientific data, system operation deficiencies and inaccurate recordkeeping, and to ensure that products targeted for acquisition conform to regulatory requirements.
In a due diligence audit of a candidate acquisition, it is necessary to confirm that the product and its
labeling conform to the most recent federal and state approvals. This requires a review of commercial labels and manufacturing batch records, comparing them to the federal and state approved labels and formula. Label improvement programs, Reregistration Eligibility Decision (RED) documents and Pesticide Registration (PR) Notices must also be considered during an acquisition. Where the acquisition of a company is being considered, an audit of the company's systems and compliance with recordkeeping and reporting is necessary to avoid any unexpected regulatory compliance issues.

TSG’s toxicologists, chemists and regulatory consultants have conducted dozens of due diligence audits for mergers and acquisitions of entire companies and individual chemical products in the U.S. and around the world. These audits have varied in scope from evaluating the scientific and regulatory status of a single chemical to evaluating the product portfolio of an entire company.