Chemistry - Environmental

Evaluating a chemical’s environmental fate is necessary to determine the extent of exposure and impact on the environment. TSG’s scientists offer expertise in method choice and data review for any project that involves chemical measurements, beginning at the definition phase and continuing through sampling, analysis and reporting. TSG’s staff provides expert knowledge for compliance with Canadian, U.S. and EU Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), clearance of food ingredients and indirect food additives under agency regulations, compliance with TSCA, REACH and CEPA specifications on testing of new chemical products, and litigation support in matters involving environmental contamination and possible liabilities of chemical products affected by Proposition 65 in California.

Our consultants work with clients to determine the desired label use recommendations, and design comprehensive field programs that will achieve this goal. As a recognized leader in the practical application of GLP to regulatory studies, TSG’s scientists conduct independent study audits and provide training in GLP compliance on an industry-wide basis. Our staff includes individuals who have direct experience in GLP from industrial and regulatory backgrounds, and this perspective forms an integral part of every field study designed and managed by TSG.

Our scientists coordinate all aspects of field regulatory studies, from design and protocol development to implementation and reporting. With a thorough knowledge of study results coupled with a well-developed understanding of how the conduct and presentation of a study affect its interpretation, TSG’s staff implements, monitors, prepares and reviews study reports to ensure registration. Since TSG's expertise extends far beyond simple field studies, our staff maintains a global perspective. By properly setting study priorities and schedules, we ensure effective oversight and timely study completion. Our consultants guide a study throughout all phases, including reviewing findings and producing quality results that are acceptable to regulatory agencies.

By integrating the planning, execution and outcome of field studies into the overall registration strategy, each field program is considered one part of a comprehensive strategy for each product. This helps TSG’s consultants offer a unified data package to the agencies, which can accelerate the registration process.