Canada - Pesticides

Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) is responsible for pesticide regulation, and derives its authority from the Pest Control Products Act (PCPA).

Canadian pesticide registration is a complex process that involves the evaluation of ingredients and formulants, extensive testing to determine the potential risks posed to human health and the environment, and the pesticide’s value. Value is determined by assessing the efficacy of a product – assuring that a product works the way it claims to – as well as examining the potential social and economic impact of registering the pesticide and putting it on the market.

Once all components of the submission have been evaluated, PMRA determines whether or not a product should be granted registration. PMRA will only register a pesticide if there is sufficient scientific evidence to show that a product does not pose unacceptable health or environmental risks, and that it possesses value in its use.

A registration is typically granted for a term of five years before it is subject to renewal. However, a registration term can be less than 5 years if it is determined that the risks or value should be reviewed after a shorter time period.

TSG’s regulatory and scientific specialists are experienced in preparing applications for all varieties of pesticide products, and track the progress through to registration, responding to questions that arise during PMRA’s review. Our experts also prepare data waivers, human health and environmental risk assessments, MRLs, labels and new inert ingredient petitions to ensure that all necessary registration requirements are met. In addition, Health Canada requires pesticide devices to be registered by PMRA, and we are experienced in preparing device schematics and descriptions of how the device is used.

TSG’s consultants also work with clients to develop efficacy tests to satisfy PMRA's rigorous product performance reviews, and our team provides effective compliance strategies to assist companies entering the marketplace and maintaining the registration of their products. We have good working relationships with PMRA and extensive familiarity with scientific approaches that are unique to Canada.

Pesticides regulated under the Pest Control Products Act include:

▲ Agricultural Chemicals

▲ Fungicides

▲ Herbicides

▲ Insecticides

▲ Microbial Products

▲ Antimicrobials

▲ Preservatives

▲ Consumer Products

▲ Home and Garden Products

▲ Insect Repellents

▲ Rodenticide Products

▲ Pool and Spa Disinfectants

▲ Sanitizers

▲ Biochemical Products.

For foreign companies importing pesticides into Canada, a Canadian registration agent is required. A registered agent, such as TSG Canada, acts as a registered address of the corporation in Canada. TSG Canada provides this registered address for the receipt of service of government filings – and sometimes legal documents - and acts as a liaison for government agencies. Acting as the registered agent, we forward all documents and correspondence to our clients.