Canada - Fertilizers

Fertilizers and supplements (substances other than fertilizers that improve the physical condition of soil or plant growth) are regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) under the Fertilizer Act and Regulations. The Fertilizer Act requires that all regulated fertilizer and supplement products be properly labeled, effective and safe for humans, plants, animals and the environment. All fertilizers and supplements that are imported and/or sold in Canada are regulated by the CFIA, which works together with provinces and municipalities to ensure that all products meet the highest standards for safety and efficacy.

Some fertilizers and most supplements are subject to registration and require a comprehensive pre-market assessment prior to their import and/or sale in Canada. CFIA’s pre-market assessment consists of a detailed, science-based evaluation of product safety information, efficacy and labeling. Products that are exempt from registration are still subject to regulation and must meet all the necessary standards at time of sale or import.

TSG’s specialists assist fertilizer and supplement companies in a variety of ways. For products that are subject to registration and require pre-market approval, our consultants can assist throughout the entire pre-market assessment. This includes conducting assessments to evaluate the potential impact on humans and the environment, analyzing and interpreting efficacy data, and developing a compliant product label, including assurance that it meets the bi-lingual requirements.

For products that are exempt from registration, CFIA still requires that they are compliant under the Fertilizer Act and Regulations. This includes label verification to ensure that product labels contain required information such as guaranteed analysis, direction for use, company contact information, appropriate units of measurement and mandatory cautionary statements. Labels are also checked to verify that they convey true and accurate product information to protect consumers from fraudulent claims. TSG’s regulatory experts assist in all phases of label development or label amendments and ensure that they are compliant under all regulations.

For foreign companies importing fertilizers and supplements into Canada, a Canadian registration agent is required. A registered agent, such as TSG Canada, acts as a registered address of the corporation in Canada. TSG Canada provides this registered address for the receipt of service of government filings – and sometimes legal documents - and acts as a liaison for government agencies. Acting as the registered agent, we forward all documents and correspondence to our clients.