Canada - Animal Health

Animal health products are regulated by different entities in Canada depending on their classification. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) regulates animal feed and pet food, the Veterinary Drug Directorate (VDD) regulates animal drugs and the Pesticide Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) regulates ectoparaciticides such as spot-on, shampoo and spray products.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

CFIA verifies that livestock feed manufactured, imported and sold in Canada is safe, effective and properly labeled. This includes evaluating and approving animal feed ingredients, monitoring for chemical residue and contamination, and reviewing for proper cautions and warnings and compliance issues to ensure safe use.

CFIA regulates pet food imported and sold in Canada, as well as provides verification and certification for pet foods manufactured in Canada and intended for export. In order to import pet food into Canada, an import permit application form must be submitted, which CFIA will review before issuing the permit. For pet food exported from Canada, a zoosanitary health certificate may be required, which is issued by CFIA. CFIA will also do inspections of Canadian manufacturing establishments to verify that products, facilities and practices meet the importing country’s market access requirements.

Veterinary Drugs Directorate

VDD evaluates and monitors the safety, quality and effectiveness of veterinary drugs administered to animals. Veterinary drugs must be registered and submissions undergo a rigorous review process before being approved. Application requirements include evaluation of ingredients and formulants, extensive testing to determine the potential risks posed to humans, animals and the environment, and a compliant label.

Pesticide Management Regulatory Agency

PMRA regulates ectoparaciticide products used on animals (such as flea and tick removal, etc). Like any pesticide products, they must be registered. The process involves the evaluation of ingredients and formulants, extensive testing to determine the potential risks posed to human health and the environment, and the pesticide’s value. Value is determined by assessing the efficacy of a product – assuring that a product works the way it claims to – as well as examining the potential social and economic impact of registering the pesticide and putting it on the market.

TSG’s consultants are involved in all aspects of animal health product registration, whether dealing with CFIA, VDD or PMRA. Our regulatory experts work with our scientific staff to complete all components of an application to ensure efficient submission and product approval.

For foreign companies importing animal health products into Canada, a Canadian registration agent is required. A registered agent, such as TSG Canada, acts as a registered address of the corporation in Canada. TSG Canada provides this registered address for the receipt of service of government filings – and sometimes legal documents - and acts as a liaison for government agencies. Acting as the registered agent, we forward all documents and correspondence to our clients.