TSG assists clients throughout the Asia-Pacific region with regulatory matters for pesticides, foods, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. We coordinate new chemical notifications and pesticide registrations in a number of countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Australia and New Zealand.

We also assist clients with sourcing products by locating, inspecting and auditing manufacturing facilities, including performing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) audits. Furthermore, TSG’s consultants conduct due diligence audits for U.S. companies interested in acquiring an international business, or foreign companies looking to acquire a U.S. business.

In addition, we advise government organizations and industries in Asia-Pacific countries regarding U.S. and EU regulatory matters for pesticides, foods, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, traditional Chinese medicine, medical devices and chemicals. This includes providing on-site training and consulting services for compliance with the U.S. and EU regulatory requirements.

TSG offers access to the Asian markets whether a company wants to sell its products in the Asia-Pacific regions or source materials for sale in North America or Europe; our knowledge and experience can be the difference in finding success in the Asia-Pacific market.

Services include:

▲ Product registration

▲ Sourcing assistance

▲ GLP compliance, audits and training

▲ cGMP compliance, audits and training

▲ New Chemical Notification (NCN)

▲ U.S. Agent support

▲ International marketing support.