Animal EPA Regulated Products

Products used to control ectoparasites on companion animals, food animals and their premises are required to be registered by EPA. Products like animal and premise sprays, spot-ons, ointments, powders, pour-ons, eartags and devices, and feed-through products are regulated by EPA. TSG provides clients with technical, regulatory and compliance assistance so companies can obtain and maintain registration on a broad spectrum of animal health products.

TSG will prepare, submit and follow-up on pesticide applications, tolerance or tolerance exemption petitions with EPA containing volumes on:

Manufacturing Chemistry

▲ Acute toxicity

▲ Chronic/Subchronic toxicity

Ecotoxicity (Terrestrial and Aquatic Non-target Organisms)

Residue Chemistry

▲ Efficacy (Product Performance)

Waiver and scientific rationale preparation

▲ Placement and management of product chemistry, acute toxicity, ecotoxicity, residue and product performance studies.

TSG has experience in, and will also assist with:

▲ Pre- and Post- application communications (meeting, telephone calls, e-mails) with EPA;

▲ Preparation of documents and arguments relative to the Endangered Species Act, the Migratory Bird Treaty and the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act; and

▲ Consultations on the import and export of registered and unregistered pesticides.