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Fertilizers & Amending Materials: California

In California, fertilizers and amending materials are regulated by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) under the Feed, Fertilizer and Livestock Drugs Regulatory Services Branch (FFLDERS). CDFA’s goal is to ensure that consumers receive fertilizing materials that are safe and effective, and meet the quality and quantity stated by the manufacturer.California regulates fertilizers through the Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) California’s regulations for fertilizing materials are complex, with evaluations that are lengthy and detailed. TSG’s consultants have significant experience working with California’s fertilizing material regulations, allowing us to obtain timely


 and provide guidance throughout the entire process.

CDFA registers four categories of conventional fertilizing materials as follows:

▲ Commercial fertilizer

▲ Agricultural fertilizer

▲ Specialty fertilizer

▲ Agricultural mineral

▲ Auxiliary soil and plant substance (ASPS)

▲ Packaged soil amendment.

When the fertilizing materials listed above are produced explicitly for organic farming, CDFA registers these categories as Organic Input Materials (OIM). CDFA also registers a fifth category of OIM called bulk materials. This includes mulch, compost, manure, and gypsum and lime with nutrient claims.

Efficacy or heavy metals data may be required for some categories or products. CDFA's reviews are lengthy, and timely registration often depends on TSG's attention to detail in preparing labels and submitting registration packages.

TSG has expertise in registering all categories of fertilizing materials in California including assisting registrants with:

▲ Label development

▲ Claim development

▲ Heavy metals or efficacy data requirements.

TSG's experience with regulations and evaluation requirements facilitates timely registrations in a state that is often critical to a company’s overall marketing strategy.
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