Federal Regulatory Support:
Registration - Establishment Registration

The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) requires that the manufacture, formulation, packaging and




, active ingredients and devices be conducted in a registered establishment. This includes companies or establishments that


 into the United States. An establishment is only required to be registered once, and EPA then assigns a unique number to that EPA establishment registration for pesticide manufacturing plantestablishment. FIFRA requires that each producing establishment must place its EPA establishment number on the label of each pesticide, active ingredient or device produced.

Once an establishment is registered, FIFRA then requires the company to file an initial and annual production report with EPA. The initial report is due to EPA 30 days after the company is notified of its establishment number. Afterwards, each facility that produces pesticides or devices must submit a report to EPA annually, by March 1st. An annual report is required even when no products are produced or distributed. Foreign establishments must also submit a report to EPA, although the amount reported should only be the amount which is produced for import into the United States.

TSG’s consultants are highly familiar with pesticide establishment registration and reporting requirements. Our team of regulatory experts can quickly and efficiently assist a company to obtain an establishment registration while also ensuring that annual reports are maintained.
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